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Community Garden

Widows - Caregivers - Grandmothers
This project is still in its infancy and we are teaching older ladies/caregivers to plant and grow their own vegetables.

It is awesome to see how these ladies are changing their lives and while they are planting and preparing we minister to them through our actions.

We started in January 2003 with 7 people starting the 14 week course with 5 completing it.

2 ladies have stayed on and are now mentoring the new course where we have 7 more people

We also have 9 teenage boys (5 of whom are orphans) that are also starting to learn how to grow vegetables to help support their families.

The course is 14 weeks as that is how long it takes to get the first harvest.

Every week the participants complete the following tasks:-

 Tuesdays - Dig a hole 2x1 metre by 0,5 metre deep. Add compost and water.
                   Weed existing beds
 Thursdays - Put soil back on top of copmost and make a raised bed.
                   Water existing beds and new bed.
 Saturdays - Plant seed into new bed. Water all beds. Check for disease and pests.

Walk in The Light Ministries provide the Land, Seed, Fertilizer and Water and the skills.

We do not charge the participants to come on the course and when the participants start harvesting they take the vegetables to be consumed by their families at their homes.

We also show them biblically that they should tithe at least 10% of their harvest back to Walk in The Light Ministries so that we can utilise this food to feed other people who are less fortunate.

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