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A young Zulu girl whose name is Samkilisiwe Sithole (affectionately called Sammy) was abandoned at Walk in The Light on 8 September 2002.

At that stage she was 2 years 9 months old. Her father was murdered in May 2002 and her mother was only 16 years old!
Since then she has crept into our hearts and we have dedicated her name to this fund, as she was probably one of the blessed children. She really opened our eyes wide and over the next 6 months we started identifying children who needed support to pay their school fees as well as clothe them.

We have also noticed that a lot of the children are undernourished and do not receive a decent meal each day. We would like to feed them at least one nutritious meal each day so that they can develop physically and mentally.

The area that we minister into comprises about 10 000 people. About 60% are children and we are restricted in our outreach to them.

This photo is of a 55-year-old lady, Hlamkile Mnikathi (pronounced Hlam-Ki-Le Mni-Kat-Hi) of house 890 in an area called Gun City.

We have recently taken on her plight but she is very representative of the households that we work with.

She had 6 children, 3 of which have died and have left 8 orphans between them.

Her other 3 children are aged 20, 19 and 16 and are still at school.

The 12 of them live in a small 2-roomed house, which is about 20 m in total.

She has been relying on a disability pension of R780 per month, which is about 65.

Prior to us assisting her this amount represented just over R60 (5) per person each month.

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