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Heidi Taylor

Heidi has been a christian all her life having grown up in a christian home.
It was especially tough for her family when they left Zimbabwe in 1982 to live in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, but God was with them in this trying time.
Heidi especially found God leading and guiding her through High School and while studying at University to become an Audiologist. God was also very real to her when she worked in London as an Audiologist from 1991 to 1992.

Bruce and Heidi married in July 1994 after meeting through a Bible study group.
Bruce and Heidi have 2 children, Ryan James born on 10 April 1998, and Keryn Nicole born on 22 September 2000.

Bruce and Heidi were both pilgrims on the Walk to Emmaus in 1997 (KZN Emmaus)

Bruce and Heidi and have been active members of the church that they attended. Bruce was Chairman of the building committee and representative of that committee on the Church Council. Heidi has also been actively involved in the worship group as well as serving in God's Pantry (meals for underpriveledged).

Bruce and Heidi have both served on the boards of the Kwazulu Natal Emmaus and Chrysalis boards with Bruce leading Chrysalis as Chrysalis Community Lay Director in 2002 - 2003. Bruce was also Lay Director for Emmaus Walk 41 (KZN Emmaus) in 2002 and Heidi was Lay Director for Journey 12 (KZN Chrysalis) in 2003. Heidi is also the agape coordinator for KZN Emmaus.

Bruce and Heidi are both professionals with Heidi practising as an Audiologist and Bruce a director of a number of companies. Bruce is also chairman of a tourism organisation called The Amble representing an area of 100 km˛.

Ministry Team

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