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“South Africa’s first nationally representative study of HIV prevalence has found that 11.4% of South Africans (4.5 million people) are living with HIV/AIDS”

          1990        2002        2010
HIV+% of adult 0.1% 15.6% 26%
HIV+(total number) 20,000 4.5 million 6 million
Annual death AIDS n/a 250,000 600,000
Annual deaths (all causes) 350,000 600,000-700,000 1 million
Orphans under 15 yrs 200,000 4-600,000 2-3 million
The Community Agency of Social Enquiry (CASE) was commissioned in 2000 to conduct a study of youth in South Africa. 
The Youth 2000 Report is a review of living conditions, opinions, attitudes, lifestyles and expectations of South Africa in recent times providing a current picture of the situation for youth in this country.

  • 45% of youth become sexually active between the ages of 16-18 years. Almost 80% of youth are single. 25% of these young people said their first sexual experience was involuntary.

  • 44% of youth have at least one child, less than a third of youth planned their first pregnancy and almost 50% of female youth were at school when they gave birth to their first child.

  • Only 25% of those no longer studying had gone as far as they would have liked in their education. The most common reason for youth not continuing with their studies were lack of money and pregnancy.

  • 62% of all economically active youth are unemployed, almost 1/3 of these unemployed have never had a regular job and 25% do not think they will ever get a job.

  • Nelson Mandela continues to be the most popular role model among all race and gender segments of youth except for African women who list the popular gospel singer, Rebecca Malope as their role model.

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