Our Vision

Our hope for the future of Haniville is to provide more jobs for local people. By expanding our Rose Geranium fields, we will be able to create sustainable employment, income, and job training for more people. By continuing to provide transportation services, we enable access to health and financial services which will reduce the percentage of HIV and death rate within the community. 

Our goal is to build a conference center overlooking the community, equipped with a medical center, preschool, and development center.



APU is a private Christian University in Los Angeles, California. We have been partnering with APU since 2007. Twice a year, students come to Walk in the Light and study abroad for a semester. They are immersed in a community engagement & development program where they participate in a variety of projects here at Walk in the Light, and in Haniville. They are a huge part of our ministry every year.


We have been partnering with Hank Keating of the Keating Christian Ministries, Inc. since 2001. He supports us through both prayer and donations through his Non-Profit within the US.          



We conduct a vibrant service on Sundays starting at 8:30am. During the week we hold a number of prayer services and small group meetings in Haniville on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. On a Wednesday afternoons we have a junior youth group for ages 7 to 13. On Friday afternoons and evenings we have a senior youth group and young adults group. Once a quarter our junior worship team join other youth groups from Pietermaritzburg for a day of worship and games. 

Walk in The Light as a church is shining the light and love of Jesus...



Our outreach programs include Home Visits, Pastoral Counseling, Prayer, Food and Clothing Distribution, and Transportation. We also assist people in accessing their government social grants such as Pensions & child support grants. 


The aim of the farm is to be a sustainable source of income for Walk in The Light. Over the last year, through generous donations, we have been able to upgrade our factory at Walk in the light for the processing of the Rose Geranium. Currently we grow our own seedlings of Rose Geranium from parent stock that we have on the farm. We harvest & process our own crops on site, using people from Haniville. The final product is a moisturizing hand & foot lotion.