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It is now 2 years since "Walk In The Light Ministries" was formed and during this time we have had to do a lot of planning and fine tuning of our skills to implement this vision for the mission.

Our vision was initially for the farmers and farm labourers in our area to have a church that they can turn to or receive and become part of the Body of Christ.

There are a couple of thousand labourers (who are predominantly Zulu speaking Africans) in the area as well as a disadvantaged african township about 4 km away and no church.

This area is also starting to see the ravages of HIV/AIDS and the effect it is having on young people.

Our passion is to reach out to these families and especially the children and to provide a facility to which they can come and receive God's redemption, love and forgiveness.

The Zulu culture is heavily influenced by ancestor worship and we pray that we can be a beacon of hope in breaking this bondage.

On the Sunday 7th September 2003 we celebrated our 2nd anniversary at "Walk in The Light" and were very touched that Trinity Methodist Youth group, from Durban, visited us and brought every child and adult a Zulu bible. The children were exceptionally blessed as the Bible will probably be the only book that they can say is theirs and was given to them with the love of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Below are some photo's from this special day:


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