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A further link in the team is that Dirk was a pilgrim on Emmaus walk 41, April 2002, of which I was the Lay Director.

On 17 June 2002 Vincent Hemmingway, a horticulturist, started working at Walk In The Light. Vincent is a Godsend, not only because of his help with the proteas but he also started planting roses that will generate additional income for Walk In The Light Ministries.

On 31 July 2002 we started to build our first hall, that we call "The Barn", at Walk In The Light and this project should be finished in a week or two. The idea for "The Barn" is that we will use it as a gathering place until the chapel is built. Thereafter it will be used as a coffee, arts and craft shop in which we will sell various items that will either be produced by employees, or that we will source from the community.

Dirk resigned from the South African Police Service on 31 July 2002 (where he has been working for the last 18 years) and on 1 August 2002 he became a permanent partner in Walk In The Light Ministries

Our original focus was on Farmers and their labourers but God radically changed this, when a young african girl of 2 years 9 months, Samkilisiwe Sithole (affectionately called Sammy), was abandoned at Walk in The Light on 8 September 2002.

The following week 7 young african children arrived for Church as we had just put up our signboard for the ministry.

The following week Don Bartlett fell off some scaffolding and broke his ankle and we received a call from him asking us to take over the 20 odd kids that he had in his Sunday School at Crafty Duck. We now had 30 children and this has now grown to over 230 children most of whom come from disadvantaged homes in the Haniville informal settlement.

We also have a number of projects at Walk in The Light Ministries and have recently affiliated ourselves to Angus Buchan from Shalom Ministries in Greytown. Our ministries are fairly similar and it has been valuable to get their input and also that they have sourced the Double Decker bus for us.


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